Park and Leave Valet Parken

Island Parking Valet Parken
Via delle Pinne 50
00054 Focene / Italy

Distance from the airport: No distance, because you are going directly to the airport and a stuff member will accept you car and park it at the parking lot near the airport!

Transfer: No transfer needed.

Security: The parking lot is gated and video controlled. It is necessary to hand-over the car key.

On arrival: Your car will be accepted at the departure terminal. Please call the parking lot owner 10 to 15 minutes before you arrive at the terminal. (You can find the phone number on your booking confirmation) Wait in you car until a stuff member comes. He will note your mileage, refulling and possible damages. Afterwards he will hand you over an acknowledgement and will park you car at the parking lot 6 km away from the airport. If your delayed please inform the parking lot owner about your arrival time at the terminal.

On departure: After landing and collecting your luggage please call the parking lot. Your car will be waiting at the arrival terminal.

Maximum size of car: unlimited.

Minimum parking duration: none.

Maximum parking duration: none.

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